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Thor ignored Loki’s first question and began tapping and pressing different parts of what looked like the control panel. Nothing seemed to be working, but he kept pressing at random. There had to be a way to turn this thing on…

Finally, with seconds to spare, Thor managed to turn the ship on. He cast a pleased grin at Loki, missing the fact that Jane was becoming weaker by the second.

"Now, we fly out." 

Loki snorted. “Ah. Well—given how long you’ve taken to find the ignition, we should be ready to fly sometime next week, then.” 

He cast a puzzled glance at Jane as she huddled out of the way—he knew the mortal was weak and essentially useless, but swaying on her feet didn’t seem normal. He nodded in her direction. 

"That is, if she lasts that long. Although it may be for nothing if she does. Personally, I don’t trust you not to crash within moments, if you ever manage to get this off the ground. Everyone knows that I am the better pilot."




It was getting more and more difficult for AJ to focus on what was happening. His head was pounding and he feared his nose or ears would start to bleed soon. Already his eyesight was fading around the edges. He leaned against the wall, noting that both Thera and Loki were none too happy with either twin. This appeared to be one of those situations where his pride was going to get him into more trouble than had he admitted he was fading. Loki and Thera would have to take care of the HYDRA agents, not that AJ doubted they could. He just hated not being useful. His legs were weak and barely holding him up. How he wished for a red bull or five hour energy. They would at least keep him moving till they wore off.

Holy hell, but there was physically no more Drew could handle and he felt badly about it. He was doing all he could to get his nose under control, but that was proving to be somewhat futile at the moment. Leaning against the wall, he watched as Loki and Thera dispatched the HYDRA agents. Dammit but he hated showing weakness, but they had both been using their abilities since the attack began hours ago. Much like his brother Drew needed energy because he was simply tapped out. It would not be long until his body shut down on its own, rendering him totally helpless and worthless. Relying on the wall to hold him up, he managed a small smile as he looked at the other three. “Just a minute, please, rest just a minute.” He hated the fact that it almost sounded like he was begging. 

The agents balked in surprise as they rounded the corner and Thera took a step to the side, catching Agent Trujillo by the arm; she had no idea if Loki might hesitate to kill a woman, but this was not the moment to find out. She pulled the agent aside to give him a clear field on the other two her hunting knife now in hand. The blade slipped through fabric and in under ribs, and she met the other’s startled eyes in the second before their light faded away; “Sorry ‘bout that.”

Lowering the body to the floor, she wiped the knife and turned her attention to the Twins. Ironically, there seemed to be more blood from Drew’s nose than from the killings that had just taken place.

"A minute - ?” She moved over to them, automatically patting her pockets for a handkerchief or other cloth that she already knew wouldn’t be there. “More like a week in the Bahamas.” A deep breath as she looked from one to the other, shaking her head; Godsdammit, she’d seen this coming, why had she listened to their bluster instead?

"One of you tell me what’s going on - and no bullshit this time!" Even as the words left her mouth, she didn’t think she’d be getting an answer; both the Twins looked like they were about to pass out then and there. At least they were leaning on the wall rather than trying to stand, and she hissed through her teeth as she helped them slide down before they fell. Perhaps they’d genuinely over-estimated themselves, but this was just the situation she’d specifically tried to avoid. Thera paused a second, eyes on the wall and thoughts ticking.

"We need to get these two out of here." Easier said than done, perhaps - Loki could transport them, but she didn’t know how bad the Twins were or if they’d survive the ride. Add to that, exactly where could he take them? Certainly not anywhere designated ‘SHIELD’. She glanced up at Loki, reaching to pinch Drew’s nose to try and stop the bleeding.

"Did we get any useful information?"

Loki struck the instant Thera ducked out of the way—and Trujillo’s companions slid to the floor without another sound, dead. He made sure there was no one following and turned, shaking his head at the twins. 

"They cannot fight like this. They said she—" he nodded to Trujillo’s body— "was a weapons designer, and leader of this group; their superior—Donalson, I think?—ordered the data retrieval. He is waiting in a room near shuttle bay 2. He threatened them, I believe."

Loki shrugged—perhaps he was wrong to think it, but he doubted he would have spared the agents either way. He passed Thera a handkerchief for the twins and tried not to glare.

"Beyond that, there is nothing else. I think it is safe to say their powers have taken a toll. I can take them somewhere, if you think that most practical? Stark Tower, perhaps?" 

He grinned suddenly—he was not sure that was their best option, but he could just imagine the look on Stark’s face if he suddenly appeared and dumped two bleeding agents into that ridiculous penthouse. 

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bigger something to kill

Oriole was beginning to understand why the is-nots frightened George so much. He was trembling again. “It’s OK to stop now,” she told him.

if i stop telling can still stop it/?

She was so focused on George that she didn’t hear anyone enter the room. When she heard the unexpected voice, she started and jumped up to her feet, nearly dropping George in the process.

"Loki," Oriole said. "Mr. Laufeysson. Hi." She took a deep breath. Chased by a smilodon, rescued by an magical Guardian, informed that her world had collapsed, complete hysterics, chatting with a god. Great. "That is a really long story." George, who had sprouted a dozen tiny fangs when she jumped up, let them fade back into his body and waved at Loki from her arm.

"It … stretches to take bigger prey - ?” Thera broke off as familiar footsteps were heard, glancing up in time to see Loki emerge from the hall. She hadn’t checked the bedroom since they’d arrived, had he been in there the whole time? It was possible - Loki’s ability to sleep still managed to amaze her from time to time.

"Hello, m’love." She crossed the room to greet him, pretending not to see poor Oriole getting yet another fright of her life. "We have guests, soup on the stove, and a bit of a situation. I think you might need the Asgardian tea."

She gave Loki another squeeze and started back toward the kitchen, putting the kettle on sounding like an excellent idea. “I’ve told them about SHIELD.”

Loki blinked, taking in both greetings and the following information quietly. He was not awake enough for this.

"Ah. Yes, I think tea is an excellent idea. And perhaps an explanation of your long story." He nodded to Oriole and George. "You missed all the excitement when HYDRA returned—although that may be a good thing."

He paused, stretching slightly. “Is this ‘situation’ going to require armour?”


Rule #5 of Modern Midgardian Warfare: If it has a blinky light on it,THROW IT AWAY.

How was I supposed to know that? I had thought Midgardians were more advanced than something so obvious. Clearly not.


Rule #5 of Modern Midgardian Warfare: If it has a blinky light on it,THROW IT AWAY.

How was I supposed to know that? I had thought Midgardians were more advanced than something so obvious. Clearly not.


Thera chuckled, eyes still on the screen. “If it can swim, I’m taking it somewhere I can introduce it to a whaling ship. That’ll give them something to think about!”

On the other hand, the creature being able to take to sea might mean they were currently wasting their time - a less appealing thought altogether. She gnawed briefly on her lip, studying the map terrain. “I think this is probably our best bet to start with - Lake District National Park.” Her finger rested on the screen a moment, as another thought seemed to cross her face, but then she sat back, unfastening her seatbelt.

"I’m going to go check with Jensen about doing a heat scan before we decide where to land."

Loki studied the area she indicated, nodding. “That does look promising—there is more natural terrain for it to hide, at least. A Midgardian might have caught it by now if it were spending most of its time in the open.”

He blinked at her as she stood. “All right. Whatever you think we might need to locate it.” He sighed—he could have gone to Asgard for more advanced technology, but it was difficult to know what would be effective when there were so many things that Midgardians could possibly mistake for a dragon. 

"If only we had a better idea of what it is."


Tanto Dagger

  • Measurements: overall length 12 1/2 inches (31.75cm); blade length 6 3/4 inches (17.14cm)

The dagger has a tempered along the edge, tip and spine, and fitted with an ivory collar, spacers, and tsuba. The collar is decorated with a wrap-around scene of a small dog and a pig playing with a ball of string, while the top spacer is decorated with a scene of a dragon in flight, and the tsuba is square in profile, with a carved-through, a 3 dimensional scene of a dragon flying in clouds.

The fuchi and kashira are also carved with a dragon themed in ivory, a 2 line signature on the former, with a leather grip wrap and a pair of golden dragon menuki. The tang is signed “Nagahiro Saku”. The weapon has a carved hardwood saya, with a 3 symbol signature and a red inked ivory stamp inside the kogatana slot, carved ivory cloud inlaid panels, raised carved hardwood clouds and dragons with gold eyes, and a contrasting hardwood tip with a carved wraparound scene of a dragon in flight, with ivory inlaid claws and ivory, ebony and gold inlaid eyes.

The blade shows evidence of having been shortened from its original size. It has a square cut at the base eliminating some of the smith’s signature, and a second mekugiana which runs into the decorations of the blade. The temper line is wavy and well defined up to the tip, with the right side engraved with a trident, showing a ribbon wrapped around the shaft, and the left shows a single untranslated symbol over a pair of fullers. The tang is signed with 4 symbols on the right and 7 on the left. Equipped with a brass collar and a shirasaya-pattern hilt and saya.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Rock Island Auctions

this world never gave me a chance,

this world gonna have to pay.